Posted by: syncopated1 | April 1, 2011

Happiness: The Skylar Cook Method


After discussing this idea with several of my friends, this is the first installment of what I will hopefully compile into a self-help book someday (does my arrogance know no bounds? probably not.). Thanks first to Val who gave me the idea, Leah and Destiny who refined it, and everyone who encounters me now when I am enormously happy.

Chapter 1. Laying the Groundwork.

There are only two things everyone should do every single day apart from the necessities (eat, sleep, poop, etc); self affirmation and knowing you are loved.

In the first, I wake up each and every morning and tell, as opposed to remind, myself that I am awesome. If you aren’t actively telling yourself this then you aren’t hearing yourself at all. You haven’t assessed yourself for what you are worth and recognized it. If you are able to tell yourself you’re awesome, and mean it, then you have begun the day pointed in the right direction. For if you don’t start awesome, how can you do anything awesomely, or even well all day long; you certainly can’t finish your day in a spectacular fashion. I don’t know about you, but no matter what I like a big finish, so I make sure my day has a huge start just to be safe. Tell yourself you are awesome, because you are!

Just as you need self affirmation, it helps to have it from other people. However it is rude to go around fishing for compliments all day long. So what I like to do at the end of the day is take a moment or two for reflection and just know that I am loved. By my mother, my siblings, my very closest and dearest friends, etc. We all know this on an intellectual level that our families love us, but if you take a second to count those people who really love you, you know, the ones that, when they think of you smile, or conjure up an image of your last shenanigan with them, or feel that warm fuzzy feeling deep in their own hearts, then you know that you are positively influencing the world. Becoming aware of that fact suggests that not only are you important to at least one, probably several other people, but also that you are a good person, doing an enormous amount of good in all these people’s lives. How can that fail to make anyone happy.

The two of these tie into each other, knowing you are loved demonstrates the ripple effect that you and your actions have, and the more you ripple good, the more people love you for it, the better you will feel about it, the more you will ripple. This will, in turn, cause you to know more definitively (if there was any doubt) that you are awesome, which will make you happier, which will help you make others happier, etc.

So first, learn that you are awesome. Learn it, teach it, and believe it, and then live it. Each and everyday. Then at the end of the day, just know that you are loved, simply for being you and being awesome at it. Take that to bed and sleep with it close to your heart; you’ll wake up feeling awesome.


Notes are welcomed, as it is the first draft it is horribly rough! And feel free to share with friends! While I am mighty arrogant about it, I really believes this works and I have been happy…a lot!


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