Posted by: syncopated1 | April 2, 2011

Chapter 4: But Ma, I’m Bored!

Much of the time that I talk to unhappy people I seem to hear a lot about how bored they are, or how they tend to just not do anything. And I’m too nice to say it, but I always think to myself, “Gee, and you wonder why you’re unhappy? Start by entertaining yourself!” It’s true, nothing fosters a festering malaise like inactivity and a sluggish mind.

As someone who does a really good job of entertaining himself, it is difficult for me to understand where other people, who apparently aren’t good at it, are coming from. All I can do here is tell you what I do and where I am coming from. I gotta say this, it ‘s ridiculously easy to cure boredom!

My main trick is having idle activities handy. What I mean by this is I always have simple, mindless things like playing cards around. So when I do find myself bored I whip out the deck and play solitaire, or make my Batman action figure beat up my Decepticon (don’t judge me because you’re jealous that I have these). Really anything to occupy my hands for 10-15 minutes allowing my mind to wander and provoke me on toward something more worth while. A great way to spend an afternoon is playing solitaire, if you’re not a fan of the traditional game I know several variations; most of which can be found online with relative ease. Remember, Google knows all, and is willing to share!

Another great source for easy entertainment and educational fun is Granted it is open-sourced but they do a pretty damn good job. I have spent hours reading one topic and then spider-webbing out into others just by following words that look cool or I don’t know what they mean.

Being happy requires focus, not a lot, but some. Which is why boredom is so dangerous to the happy inclined individual. If you like being unhappy, by all means, spend time being bored. But I’ll reiterate, being bored only allows you to dwell on unsatisfying things (in my experience anyway). Dwelling leads to over thinking things, which leads to making mountains out of molehills, which leads to…the Dark Side. Well not exactly, but it does lead to discontent and unhappiness. So find your little activities, keep them handy, and stay entertained. Life’s a show…so hang on to your front row seats!

Enjoy! This guy is NEVER bored!



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