Posted by: syncopated1 | April 2, 2011

Chapter 7: I’m Just Illustrating My Point.

Acknowledgement: This Chapter is dedicated to Mike Arruda as the third paragraph is the topic of thevery first conversation he and I had, and without him I may not have been able to realize just how important this chapter is.

Based upon my extensive background in the medical field and neural science in general I am pleased to inform you that I have proven definitively that the brain is indeed a muscle! Use it often, give it a good work out, feed it properly and it will grow stronger and stronger. However you can also wear it out. Indeed the leading cause of a newly discovered condition that I like to call exhaustivus morositivial mentallus is the fact that 98.318% of all people in the world have no idea that they are overworking their brains. Like any other muscle, if you exercise it relentlessly without correctly resting you will do more damage then good. Your mind is the same.

This inability of our brains to run constantly is a sad, sad fact that I have been aware of for at least the last five years of my life. And while I haven’t always been successful at alleviating exhaustivus morositivial mentallus, I have been able to prevent any serious dips into this terrifying and debilitating condition. It’s simple really, I turn my brain off for 15-30 minutes every single day.

Anyone who knows me for more than about 5 minutes knows that I hate pants. I really do. I’m not a nudist or anything I just don’t like pants. So when I get home from work, whether or not I’ve had a day spawned in the depths of hell, or I’ve been flying next to the sun with success and happiness, the first thing I do when I walk through my door is drop everything I’m carrying and take my pants off (don’t worry, I usually go back and pick it up). The pants come off and I go and sit down in my chair for 15-30 minutes before doing anything else. I don’t get on Facebook, I don’t think about starting dinner, I don’t call anyone. Nothing. I sit, without pants, and exist. My mind finishes processing the stresses and/or joys of the day, turns off my ability to consider the things I need to accomplish before the next day, and shuts down.

I imagine that having no pants during this process is not a prerequisite for everyone, and I imagine it isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for me either. But it does help. And resting your mind is an important part of my day. A lot of people count sleep as resting their minds, and yes sleep is important for both your mind and your body, but I don’t know about you all, but my mind is anything but restful. I remember very few of my dreams, but the ones I do, woo, man! Sleeping is crazy times for my brain! So don’t rely solely on sleeping to get your brain some much needed down time.

And don’t wear pants. Both of these things will help make you happier.



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