Posted by: syncopated1 | April 2, 2011

Chapter 8: Today. Today is the Day.

The irony here is that it has now taken me no less than five attempts to write this chapter.

One of the most prevalent concepts in literature, music, movies; our culture, is this idea that one day, my day will come. That on some bright day in the future  I will rise up and achieve my moment of glory. And it will be awesome! One day my day will come, when it does, oh man will I ever seize that day!

I am pleased to tell you that I have recently come to believe that I feel this idea of our moment of glory and seizing the day (when it comes) is both true and a load of horseshit.

It’s true in the sense that we all have it within ourselves to push ourselves to be greater than we presently are. It’s is perfectly conceivable to think that there is NOTHING in this world I can’t do and learn to do well should I choose to rise to the occasion (except maybe childbirth…I’ve been getting hints all through my life that something about ME suggests I will always be bad at childbirth). However, your, my, our day will never come. Because it is here already.

Everyday is your day! And you should seize every single day!

This is not to say that every single day should outdo the last in terms of personal acheivement, that would ridiculous (impressive, but ridiculous) and exhausting. But we can teach ourselves to go about our everyday routine in a bigger way, instead of just going through the motions. We’ve all been there: we wake up in the morning, pull on our pants (our hated pants), head out the door, go to work, and just kind of run on auto pilot the whole day. Part of what I am saying is stop that; be very aware of what it is you do everyday, even if it the same thing every single day, and really apply yourself to it. At the very least, your energy and focus will probably lead you to do different things at work, and you’ll end up NOT doing the same things everyday.

The other part of what I am suggesting is being open, proactively open, to new things. I have been known for years to be open to new ideas, and when presented with them give the generic, “I’ll look into it.” And then I rarely do. Turns out it actually incredibly easy to “look into it” and also very easy to “get into” most things! My New Year’s resolution has been to be more open to new things. And so far, in 2011, when presented with new stuff I’ve been saying, “Yes!” The easiest way, I have found, to get into this habit is with food. I’ve been trying new food, both cooked for me and by me, this has been a really fun and rewarding journey. I cooked a lasagna the other night with celery in it. I have always hated celery; this was delicious.

If it is feasible in any way, as in I have no plans already and I have the money on me to pay in cash (cash is King after all), then I say yes to whatever is presented to me. I am becoming busier than I have ever been in my life! Next weekend I am going to the Quebec Winter Carnival for the first time, a few weeks later I am going to go downhill skiing, possibly tele-skiing for the first time. I just bought some minimalist running shoes and I will start running in earnest after I move to Bar Harbor next month, to train for the half marathon I am running this summer. I am learning to make Boston Cream Pie. These are all just ideas and opportunities that have passed into my realm of awareness through friends and coworkers that have always seemed attractive to me, but in the past I have been able to convince myself aren’t feasible for me to do. But after actually following through, and looking into them just a little, turns out I will have little, if any trouble, finagling my budget and schedule to allow me to try all sorts of new things…or even to do old things that I’ve felt I just haven’t had the time (I went sledding last Sunday, because I have sleds and I had the time and I could.)

Make the time in your life to say Yes! to awesome when it comes your way. And when it does, make sure that you give it your all. You will be rewarded with new things in your life, awesome old things in your new life, and you everyday routine will hardly seem like a routine at all.

Your day is today. And so is tomorrow but, there’s no sense in focusing on that one till it gets here. Your day is happenning right now, it may as well happen with you as opposed to without you, so seize on to it!

Here you go. This says it.



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