Posted by: syncopated1 | April 4, 2011

Chapter 14: I’m Here and It’s Now, and That Makes Me Happy

I couldn't find a photo I liked of the specific views from my commute, but here is a gorgeous picture of a Maine Coast sunrise from the Wunderblog.

This chapter was going to be on an entirely different topic but that changed this morning as I drove to work. Since moving to Bar Harbor last month a little over half of my commute is completely different now; I drive from my apartment out Rte. 233 and briefly jump on Rte. 3 to turn left at the light in Somesville, and head out to the shop through Southwest Harbor.

That brief jaunt along Rte. 3 included an incredibly stunningly view from the head of Some Sound. With my breath taken away I drove out of this view and really paid attention to my location(s) along the rest of the drive. I was equally struck by the open view of Southwest Harbor as I went through; bright sun, no leaves on the trees yet to obstruct sight, and almost no boats in the harbor yet. Open water with mountains and hills cascading downward to the shore. As I bore inland ever so gently toward Tremont and the shop it occurred to me that this ocean and this island with it’s mountains and lakes and ponds make me happy every single day, whether I get out of my apartment or not.

Living in Bar Harbor seems to be a perfect fit for me thus far; everything I need or want is within walking distance, as are many of my close friends. The island is perfect for me to continue my education in sailing, both in my boat exploring shallow waters and the lakes and ponds and on bigger boats as friends will let me or I get the opportunity to crew. Everything I have been looking for in my professional and recreational life is present and I am reminded of that every time I drive to and from work. And that makes me happy.

The setting we choose for our lives is so incredibly important. We may not always be able to choose the location of our lives. We sometimes move places for work, or for family or school. But we can always choose how that location forms the back drop for the setting of the events of our days. So as you drive to and from work or the grocery store, or walk around your neighborhood: look around, appreciate all that your world has to offer and all that your own personal interests and passions can fit in with your scenery.


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