Posted by: syncopated1 | April 21, 2011

A brief interlude.

Photo courtesy of G!L's Flickr feed.

The man crested the top of a tall, steep hill and found a sturdy, but well used bench alongside the road. As he sat he looked back upon the road he had been walking; it was a long road, not well paved, but as far as he could see behind him there were incredible views to be had running right up to either side of the road. He gazed back with mixed emotions, remembering each and every spot he had stop to take in the scenery, and the inevitable point at which he had continued walking down the road. He couldn’t necessarily see them anymore, but he remember the location and depth of each of the places that the road had been filled with potholes or washed away completely. Time and much walking had blurred the road before his vision; so that at this point only the beautiful landscapes were truly visible.

With a deep sigh he turned in his seat and gazed forward. There were no side roads branching off of his route, no way for him to get lost as far as he could see. But as he sat on that bench at the top of that great hill he had just climbed and cast his eyes down the other side he could see only a deep fog obscuring any sense of what was to come along his way. He rested a moment longer and pulled himself to his feet. Stretching his arms out over his head he thought hard about returning the way he had come. He had seen a great many wonderful things and would love few things more than to return to those spaces in his mind and heart. But while he considered this he felt a strong, strong pull in the other direction. And he knew, that as much as the road behind him was well known and he was fond of it, that once he reached that bench on the top of the hill he could only continue on. With a final sigh of longing, he turned, squared his shoulders and strode down the hill into the unknown with hope in his eyes and a smile on his face.



  1. That is awesome! Is this your original work, or did you get it from somewhere. I like it. I’m probably going to steal it and find a nice way to display it in our house haha.

  2. The writing is mine, the picture is not. Thanks for the compliment!

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