Posted by: syncopated1 | May 5, 2011

Chapter 16: Always Make an Impression; It’s a Longterm Investment in Yourself

Han and Chewie: Friends for life who always make an impression.


A shower, a quick round of teeth brushing, frantic clothing selection, rising excitement. I dashed out of my apartment Sunday afternoon and hurried into my car. A brief pause before turning the key as I looked around in mild disgust at the mess that is my car. Shrugging it off yet again my excitement returned and I fired up my Honda and headed toward Ellsworth.

Driving from Bar Harbor to Ellsworth on a day like it was on Sunday is perhaps one of the most beautiful drives I can think of. Route 3 flirts with the coastline of Mount Desert Island for about 10 miles going up and down strong hills with an abundance of trees on both sides of the road. The sun was shining and a fair breeze was quickly cooling the warm spring day as evening was approaching. In many ways the day was incredibly reminiscent of a similar day 4 years ago in North Carolina. My close friend Nate and I had spent the day hiking in an old growth forest and in the late afternoon had decided to head out to the Tennessee border and drive the Deal’s Gap. This Sunday I had spent the day bouldering the rocks of MDI with Land and another friend, and in the late afternoon I was driving a winding road bordering the land and sea to visit with the aforementioned close friend, Nate, for the first time in more than two years.

I crossed the head of the island and with a smile on my face and my excitement climbed even higher. I was touched that Nate had elected to drive out to Ellsworth, completely out of his way, to see me. He was recently back from two years stationed in Japan, and Sunday was one of his last days in Maine before his next posting in Kansas. After nearly two years of basically no communication at all, I was floored that he was making this much effort to see me.

Nate and I have always had, for me, a friendship like no one else I know. It simply exists; we haven’t seen each other in two years, but the only indication of this on Sunday were the actual words recounting our respective lives for the last two years. Beyond the words we were exactly as we have always been since the day I met Nate; the most relaxed of friends and constant friendship I have ever had. And I never realized this until Nate said this on Sunday, “You and I, Skylar, have always had the ability to be happy whenever we want. We know how to process the shit and move past it…” And he is right, Nate and I somehow recognized a kindred spirit in each other all those years ago, and that is why he made all that effort to see me on Sunday.


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