Posted by: syncopated1 | August 28, 2011

Nemesis 2

I have found evidence that my nemesis does indeed exist, and is out there working his or her dastardly deeds and plotting plans of particular perniciousness. On Friday night my sister called in distress and relayed to me that a singularly stupid section of our government has been badgering the Crown O’Maine Organic Cooperative for several weeks. On Friday afternoon these blundering and blustery buffoons told my sister that our warehouse had to be spic and span and spotless by Monday morning at 7:30 AM. As irritating as this is, in relation to me it would have only been a minor inconvenience for me to change my plans and help my sister. But for the terrifically terrible timing.

For this weekend I had big plans. Freelance work for a friend, sailing in my boat with a new friend, hiking with said new friend, and an old and dear friend, and then getting up to shenanigans in Bar Harbor with the new friend, old and dear friend, and lots more friends. As the reader may note, I had many wonderful plans with many wonderful people. When I told my sister without even the hint of a hitch or hesitation that I was getting in my car and headed her way to help I now had to cancel nearly all of the aforementioned plans. My life was thrown into chaos and my friendships were rocked to some extent that night; I made a bunch of people very unhappy due to my cancelations.

My nemesis has done their work well: not only was my life interrupted in such a gross manner, but the livelihood of two of my sisters was very seriously disrupted and threatened. Yesterday I worked all day cleaning the warehouse with my sister and the new friend, and then the new friend and I returned to Bar Harbor to cap off with shenanigans with the old and dear friend and lots of other friends. Everyone was happy! I won’t know for certain if my counter measures have truly paid off, but by all available “accurate” anticipatory accounting my sister, and my friends (old and new) agree that I have thwarted the efforts of my nemesis.

No, I didn’t do any freelance work for my friend this weekend, and no, I didn’t go sailing in my boat, and I certainly didn’t get a hike in yesterday. But I really felt like I had moved beyond my normal self, into a place where I wasn’t doing anything that I needed to get done to maintain my own happiness, but I was doing whatever needed to be done to restore order to the chaos of my family’s life and quietly return to the happiness that I have become accustomed to. Dammit, I defeated evil forces this weekend!


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