Posted by: syncopated1 | September 27, 2011

Less is more.

“You live too much in your own head. That’s what they’ll tell me,” he thought, “if I told them everything I thought about. They’re right on some level, but doesn’t everyone who lives alone pretty much live in their head?”

He stretched his shoulders, and turned back to his work. Focusing for a moment he routered a cove in a pair of mahogany seats. Frustratingly, his mind wandered away again, lazily mimicking the flight of a weary mosquito in the unusual late September heat. “Sharing thoughts is necessary but a colossal pain in the ass.” He was reminded again of the half a dozen phone calls he and his mother had had in the last three weeks. She was moving, far away, and while it was true when he said it that he loved her and supported her every decision, he really didn’t want her moving so far away. It was selfish, which is why he held it back, but he cherished the close relationship they had.  He was also reminded of the thoughtful mistakes he had made recently; his thoughts, once vocalized, had crashed through a friend’s woes and ambitions like a snow plow. Pushing all aside his had cleared a nice open space where neither one knew what thoughts to park there.

Sanding the seats settled into routine allowing his mind to seethe on. Taking stock he realized that mentally it had not been a stellar month at all. “But you’re a fixer, man. Really, all you have to do is shut the hell up.” He thought with resolve, and finally found the focus he had been searching for.


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