Posted by: syncopated1 | October 20, 2011

King of the Castle

Once more the King of my own Castle I watch my empty court unfold  from beneath my crooked crown. My courtiers clamour for position in the now yawning throne room. Each must be allocated their proper station according to both importance and utility. As my oldest friend and most trusted advisor my bed has earned prominence, while with winter fast approaching my trusty steed, the bicycle is relegated to a lonesome corner to await a more favorable season when chains and gears are once more in style. Newer faces emerge in the friendly, but demanding forms of skis and coats; as ever my regiment of soldier like shoes stand guard at the entrance. Their figures dance before my eyes as I gaze over my steepled hands; the heavy set coffee table slides to a nook with his two cronies, the shelves. The slender, rigid face of the floor lamp enters and quietly assumes her own space in a close, comforting corner to the bed; my dear old friend.

Yes, once more I am the King of my own Castle; I have expunged occupying forces, and ever relish the final skirmishes with the lingering rebels. A pitched battle will be fought to repel the eight infantry units of the Couch and Table; their defeat will assure the safe release of a few prisoners of war and accord true peace to my realm. Once more the King of my own Castle I watch my empty court unfold beneath my crooked crown.

I smile.



  1. As I read my way backward through your blog I like many things, but this is currently my favorite. I may never look at my furniture the same way again. =)

    • It is a great exercise in lateral thinking to think of inanimate objects as important people in the structure and harmony of our lives and how they interact with each other.

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