Posted by: syncopated1 | November 15, 2011

On Neil Diamond

About 5 or 6 years ago, Neil Diamond released a new album called “12 Songs.” I had occasion to listen to it for the first time today, and while listening I skimmed through the booklet describing his motivations behind this album. The musician talked at length about his resolve after his 2001/02 tour to retire from music and touring all together. He said that all he wanted was to relax and sit outdoors and feel the sun upon his face. Diamond moved quickly to say that the rest period lasted 3 months before new songs crept into his mind and nagged at him until he could no longer deny his work and he returned to music fully.

This statement struck a chord with me and my late feelings of unrest and increased potential for something truly great. I will not be so bold as to suggest that Fate has a hand in things, but I have been feeling that we all have work to do. Important work, and no matter how long we struggle, eventually we can’t help ourselves and we will turn our hands, hearts and minds to doing that work. I have had a growing sense of responsibility to myself to chase the limits of who I am, what I can be, and what I can do. Through the formative influence of some true, true friends I have begun to understand that this sense of responsibility, coupled with feeling restless in my mind, is the first step (I feel) to being aware that I have more work to do than what I am presently doing. I haven’t dialed in what that is just yet, but it is there and it needs to be done. I, and all of us, have a responsibility to ourselves and those around us, to not let ourselves stagnate; but instead energize and activate ourselves.

I can’t allow myself to be afraid to do the work I should be doing.


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