Posted by: syncopated1 | March 27, 2012


“You see those clouds, son?” The farmer asked, straightening from his work as he felt the wind shift.

His son, a tall boy at 13, looked up and replied, “Looks like rain, Pa.”

“Looks like it, yes. But the rain won’t be here just yet. These clouds are something of a signal. The rains will be here in a week or two I imagine, but we’ll see clouds like these a couple more times with greater frequency as the wet weather head builds.”

The boy sat on his heels, thought for a second, then said, “It’s almost as if the rain is waiting for the exact right moment to drop on us, isn’t it?”

The farmer smiled at his son, and said, “You might be right! When the rain finally chooses its moment to fall the whole world responds; the awful pressure that has been building and holding all that water back is released. When the water finally does flow, what takes the place of that pressure is growth and life. The rains are going to come boy, whether we want them or not. Makes no difference if you notice clouds like these, and can feel the pressure building or not. You’re lucky if you can, but remember that it will rain only that pressure builds up real high. So if it  isn’t raining now, don’t sweat it, it simply isn’t time for it to rain.”


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