Posted by: syncopated1 | January 28, 2013

azul-brazilian-airlines-logo6823Today was a first for me.

Today I can say that I have watered the gardens of the man who owns Brazilian Airways. While many, in a rotating cast of characters over the years have been able to say this, I never once thought that in my move to Boulder, Colorado, that I would be able to say that!

In the ongoing pursuit of a job (which I now have, and it’s not this!), in the last few weeks of being in my new town, I have picked up odd jobs here and there just to make some quick cash to keep myself fed. Late in the week I received an email from my rugby teammate saying he had a watering job and to meet him at X time at the intersection of A and B. He picked me up on the corner and we wound our way up into the mountains (the Rocky Mountains!) behind Boulder in his loud, rugged, well used Nissan SUV. She diligently chugged her up the steep and narrow roads until finally, at the very top of a small mountain our road terminated in the Brazilian’s driveway.

For the next hour and a half, my teammate, his boss and I hauled buckets of water from a small pond on the property to slowly pour over the dry, dry soil beds. We were “deep watering,” which is to say that with the slow pour rate we were allowing the water to soak down to the roots instead of just running off the caked top layer.

During this time, talking to my temporary coworker and employer about the property and the owner I was struck by the similarities between Boulder and the community I just left on Mount Desert Island, Maine. I was working in an area much like Southwest Harbor or Northeast Harbor; the homes of the well-to-do seasonal residents employing the diligent year round locals to maintain their possessions and way of life. The architecture, the environmental region, and especially the topography, are vastly different. But it seems no matter where you go, the strata of people and the economic dynamics between them will always remain.



  1. Nice to see you writing again! This is a great forum for your experiences and reflections on this journey. Love, Vera

  2. So glad you’re writing from Colorado! A friend of mine who lives in Paris keeps a blog now, and I sometimes find I am more in touch with her than many of those in the same state as me. But now I want to know… What is the new job?

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