This Project

Having realized recently that the rhetoric I use to help unhappy friends “brush it off,” is more or less the same friend to friend, I became increasingly aware that I have been developing and sharing my own philosophy in the pursuit of happiness. So far it seems to be working.

This blog is as much to help me as it is to help others. I have become increasingly aware of what I do each day to keep my chin up when the shit hits the fan, and I am also aware of how boundless my energy seems to be when I have all my horses running in the same direction. Thus I began writing about it, to continue identifying for myself where the line between a good and bad day lies, and what I can do to stay on the right side of this line. With any luck you, dear reader, will find something in here that makes sense to you and take it with you.

Since I began this project as an idle Facebook pastime it has become something of an obsession of mine, I think about it constantly. I am excited to be moving to a more versatile forum; Facebook was a good starting point, but difficult to link and share pages or songs or images that make me happy. Up till now this blog was focused entirely on the writing, and while I want that to stay the main focus, a live blog will allow me to share fun little tidbits easily. That makes me happy. 🙂

Yori Yori by Brackett Like this song, it always makes me happy. Thank you Leah for sharing it with me.


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